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    Revive ageing skin with the latest non-invasive treatment exclusively available in Ireland at Neelu’s Beauty Salon. IREVIVE rejuvenates the delicate tissue under the eyes, lifts sagging muscles and repairs all layers of the skin. It was invented by the same team that invented the heart pacemaker so it has scientific validity.

    IREVIVE is a cellular signalling, neuro frequency technology.

    No downtime, no pain, no peeling, no laser burns, no needles. The skin radiates from within with a natural youthful glow. Stretch marks show instant improvement.
    IREVIVE series use ultra-low proprietary energies to send artificial intelligence blue print signals through the skin’s keratinocyte cells. Signals spread throughout the skin, muscle and bone structures between cells and within cells, repairing the damaged cells.

    Ageing is a reduction of signals between cells and also within cells. This latest technology increases the signals between cells and within cells. It thus counteracts ageing and turns back the clock.

    Research found that if they can reinstate the signal of damaged pacemaker cells in the heart, they could develop a different, more complex signal. This could have anti-ageing application and benefits as it could serve in replacing the signals of unfolded proteins and damaged cells.
    Thus, the IREVIVE machine was born. This leading technology has launched worldwide and is exclusive in Ireland to Neelu’s Beauty Salon.

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