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    Rigorous exercise isn’t for everyone — maybe you don’t have the time, the energy or the physical ability to hit the gym for a workout, or go for a jog in the park. Working out gets harder as you get older, and puts stresses and strains on your back and joints.

    But what if you could get the benefits of exercise with no effort? Neelu’s Salon in Dublin is home to the latest in effortless exercise technology that guarantees inch loss results without aching muscles or a sweaty gym bag!

    Neelus's interview about inch loss program

    The Virtual Gym and Arsays systems are both revolutionary inch loss treatments that incorporate state-of-the-art technology for coordinated muscle stimulation. You can take the work out of the workout with a tailored programme that starts from as little as a 20-minute session.

    Arasys was developed by the co-inventor of the heart pacemaker, Gerry Pollock. The Virtual Gym is the latest edition with a lot more functions and can work on visceral fat and bigger areas on the body.

    What’s the goal of inch loss programmes?

    • More sculpted body
    • Flatter tummy
    • Better muscle tone
    • Reduce cellulite
    • Boost in fitness and energy levels
    • Fit into a smaller dress size
    • A new better looking version of you as it would never be possible by only working out in the gym.

    After a consultation to find out your physical wellbeing and body shape goals, Neelu will develop a personalised inch loss training plan, focused on targeting visceral fat in a specific area. We don’t want our female clients to lose their voluptuous shapes, and we know that excessive exercise and dieting can leave them flat chested, with harder muscles and a pinched face. We believe in a gentle treatment for gentle, lasting results.

    Neelu’s Inch loss programmes

    Virtual Gym

    The Virtual Gym is exclusive to Neelu’s Beauty Salon, and the only technology that burns visceral and subcutaneous fat as an energy source to build muscle. It’s a revolutionary alternative to traditional muscle stimulators. 

    In a single hour-long session it can work on your midriff, thighs, upper arms and buttocks, and you’ll soon see changes in your measurements.

    How does the Virtual Gym inch loss work?

    The Virtual Gym contracts large groups of coordinated muscles in eight-second bursts — sending a message to the brain that these muscles are taking part in high-intensity exercise. The brain then works overtime to release hormones that cause fat cells to convert contents into an energy source to build muscles. 

    How does Virtual Gym detoxify the body?

    Toxicity interferes with your metabolism, your gut and hormones that control your appetite. If toxins have built up in your body, you’re more hungry, then you eat more and your metabolism becomes more sluggish. When you’re trapped in this vicious cycle, losing inches becomes impossible. But with virtual Gym treatments you’ll have reduced hunger, more energy and a body that looks good while it’s working for you. 

    Is there any pain — even afterwards?

    No, you just feel your muscles contracting and relaxing. It feels like you’re doing a sit-up at the gym.

    • Cost: One session (1 hour) — €225
    • Course of 10 sessions — €2,000 (save €250)

    Learn more about Neelu’s Virtual Gym


    Lose stubborn fat without breaking a sweat — it sounds like a miracle, but it’s just another state-of-the-art inch loss treatment available at Neelu’s Beauty Salon. 

    The machine tricks the body by mimicking the impulses that control your muscles during exercise — so you get the effect of strenuous exercise without the effort. No pain — loads of gain!

    The session is 20 minutes. It can work on the midriff and buttocks in one session, or midriff and thighs, or thighs and upper arms.

    • Cost: One session (20 minutes) — €65
    • Course of 10 sessions — €475  (save €175)

    How does Arasys inch loss work?

    Arasys stimulates target muscle nerves with the same frequencies as your brain waves as if you were exercising. Your muscles will get the effects of a heavy workout but you won’t feel tired or sore. The efficient, targeted muscle contractions burn fat without depleting glucose. You’ll have less body fat, more energy and more confidence. It shouldn’t be this easy!

    Other benefits

    Besides the guaranteed inch loss, Arasys improves circulation and metabolism while helping you lose inches. The process also detoxifies the body by stimulating the removal of waste products. It also reduces cellulite, tones muscles and aids lymphatic drainage — all without you doing any work. 

    Learn more about Arasys at Neelu’s

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      For making, changing or cancelling appointments please phone: 01 2806742

      Recap — Inch loss FAQs

      What is inch loss?

      Inch loss is the process of losing inches from normal fat-storing areas, such as the waist, hips, and thighs. Inch loss is different from weight loss, which is a reduction in body weight by dieting and exercise.

      What are the benefits of inch loss treatments?

      With inch loss treatments you’ll have a more sculpted body, flatter tummy, reduce cellulite and remove toxins. It also causes far less strain on your body, compared with high-intensity exercise — even if the results are similar.

      How does inch loss treatment work?

      In both the Virtual Gym and Arasys, muscles are stimulated, mimicking a message to the brain that you’re in the middle of a strenuous workout. The stimulated muscle contractions help burn fat and remove toxins — removing inches from target areas.

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