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    Lose inches with
    Muscle Toning and
    not water loss


    Toning & Firming with Arasys

    Another revolutionary treatment available at Neelu’s is ‘Arasys’ – the system that really works for inch loss toning, muscle building, body toning and superficial body toning. Arasys provides unparallelled inch loss, intensive toning, lymphatic drainage, cellulite reduction all in one. Each programme will help to increase your circulation, metabolism and aid weight loss. It is a most safe and comfortable system and is suitable for both men and women. This system also has a diuretic effect by stimulating the removal of waste products.

    Even someone who exercises regularly can benefit from Arasys treatment as it has the advantage over exercise in being able to exercise lazy muscles, for example the inner thigh. Arasys also achieves a contraction that is far stronger than can be achieved with normal exercise. It may take a client 2-3 hours in the gym to attain the same effect that can be gained in one 20 minute Arasys session.


    • 30 minute session



    • A course of 10 x 30 minute sessions




    Reviewed live on GMTV on a Friday; the test subject, Gillian (Size 16), lost over 2 inches from only one 20 minute Arasys treatment. After the treatment Gillian said she felt “much more toned” around her tummy and bum. She reported that she still felt toned even after the weekend.
    “The perfect lunchtime treatment” 
    Nadine Baggot – GMTV

    “I have always been cynical about weight loss treatments that claim to tone you up and give you inch-loss… As far as the Arasys inch-loss system goes, I’m a convert!” “I lost two and a half inches from my waist, six from my hips and bottom and two inches from each thigh… I felt more toned too, as if I’d been following an exercise programme” 
    Eve Cameron – Cosmopolitan


    “The Arasys 3 Inch Loss System offers the perfect toning alternative. While you relax watching TV and let the machine do the work for you, all within twelve 20 minute sessions. It took only 2 weeks to go from a size 14 to 12, the equivalent to three months in the gym.”
    Elle Magazine


    “An amazing machine that does sit-ups for you… see the inches dissolve” 
    “Does it work? Yes!” 
    Ed Barratt – Arena Magazine


    “Arasys offers the perfect toning alternative. While you relax on the beauty couch, carefully placed pads work slack muscles to astounding effect, and all in only ten, 20 minute sessions” “After only four sessions the bottom became higher, the thighs tighter and the waistband looser” “With Arasys it took two weeks to achieve results which, in a gym, would have taken two months” 
    Harpers and Queen

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