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    Skincare is personal. If you are looking for a holistic approach to restoring your skin’s health and are committed to natural, radiant skin, Neelu’s Beauty Salon is the right place to start. Her one-on-one consultations allow for personal recommendations and educational discussions around your unique skin needs. Neelu doesn’t do generic treatment plans. Every person has a different social, professional and medical history that will affect their skin. After a detailed, sensitive assessment, Neelu will develop a personalised skincare plan that may incorporate a combination of non-invasive technologies and exclusive premium products.

    Book a treatment today so Neelu can personally recommend a tailored programme with the following range of products:

    Le Mieux

    Le Mieux — which means ‘the best’ in French — is made by a company made up of scientists and dermatologists who upgrade the formulations and ingredients every few months. Neelu has been using Le Mieux since 2011 because of its great results and the company’s science-based innovation. Every ingredient is thoroughly researched and tested, and their products contain no questionable or potentially toxic ingredients. Plant stem cells are used to renew collagen, elastin, and epithelial cells at targeted locations.

    Le Mieux develops serums, masks and creams with no binders, thickeners, fillers, sulphates or parabens. Their products are also cruelty free and not tested on animals, which chimes with Neelu’s philosophy of providing natural, ethical treatments. Neelu introduced the exclusive Le Mieux collection to the Irish market, proving once again that she’s willing to search the globe for the most effective and progressive skincare solutions. 

    Le Mieux can only be sold following a consultation in the salon, so you get the best products for your skin concerns. 

    Le Mieux collection — exclusive to Neelu

    Mineral Essence

    Mineral EssenceAvailable exclusively at Neelu’s Beauty Salon, Mineral Essence is a US cosmetic company that specialises in ethical, milled mineral-based makeup that fights the early signs of ageing. The milled mineral powder seals like a cream for a hydrated, radiant finish, and it’s protective too — rich in antioxidants, vitamins A, C and E, with a natural SPF of 20.

    Neelu would only ever use products that align with her stance on ethical, natural processes, and Mineral Essence is fully committed to clean, guilt-free beauty processes. Their products aren’t tested on animals, they’re cruelty-free and also free of parabens, propylene, mineral oils, phosphates, formaldehyde, coal tar and chemical sunscreen. 

    Mineral Essence collection — exclusive to Neelu

    Neelu’s range

    After decades as a skincare innovator in Ireland, it was only a matter of time before Neelu launched her own range of natural cosmetics. Neelu’s own products are well-crafted ethical updates on some cosmetic essentials, made from ethically-sourced premium plant-based ingredients.

    • Ultimate Volume Mascara that opens up the eyes with an elegant curl and no clumping. 
    • Water resistant Brow Enhancer that colours and grooms the eyebrows without the need for tints. It also includes a conditioner to smooth and soften coarse hair and colour to cover grey. Available in two colours – blonde and brunette. 
    • Eyelash Primer that smooths, conditions and boosts your eyelashes. It gives the appearance of thicker eyelashes by adding volume. 
    • Lip Twins — dual-ended lipstick and colour match liner in one stick — in 6 long-lasting colours.
    • Brow Quads is a set consisting of four products — dark and light shades of colour, highlighter and brow fixer wax. It also comes with an angled, hard application brush for sculpting your eyebrow to precision. Comes in three colours — blonde, brunette and dark. 

    Neelu’s Products collection

    Neelu’s 5 steps for radiant skin

    1. Cleansing

    Cleanse twice a day using the best tools in the world — your hands, which are better than muslin cloths, cotton wool, wet wipes or sponges. Massage into the skin for at least 90 seconds and rinse with lukewarm water. Double cleanse in the evening if you wear makeup, and cleanse in the morning to remove waste from your pores after your body’s been detoxing while you sleep.

    2. Toning

    This is an important step for everyone — not just people who are prone to acne. Most people skip this step but Neelu recommends that they do it. Why? Toner removes the residue left behind by cleansers, and choosing a suitable toner will regulate the pH balance of your skin and bring it back to normal.

    3. Exfoliation

    Exfoliation is another important step in achieving fresh, glowing skin. It also sets the stage for hydration, collagen surge and absorption. Exfoliation should be tailor made for each individual, as too much exfoliation can strip the skin of its immunity layer. Forget everything you’ve learned about ‘gritty’ products — they just damage your delicate skin and can cause broken veins. Use gritless, non-abrasive solutions with salicylic acid, mandelic acid, lactic acid or vitamin C.

    4. Serum

    Serums are a very effective way of delivering active ingredients into the skin, because of their potency and high concentration of active ingredients. Neelu recommends very light, fast-absorbing vitamin serums that deeply penetrate the skin and show visible results really quickly.  

    5. Moisturising

    Serum leaves no residue, but sometimes people like to feel moisturiser on their skin — and it also acts as a sealer for the serum. Use moisturisers with antioxidants in the morning and moisturisers with collagen and elastin boosters at night. And don’t forget sun protection — and reapply every three hours during the summer months.

    Do you have a question for Neelu?

    If you’d like any more information on our products or any other services at the salon, get in touch and Neelu will get back to you right away.

      For making, changing or cancelling appointments please phone: 01 2806742

      Premium products — Recap FAQs

      What skincare products does Neelu use? 

      Neelu uses ethically produced serums, masks and creams from Le Mieux, revolutionary mineral milled powder based makeup from Mineral Essence, and her own range of natural cosmetics. Mineral Essence and her own products are available on the website but Le Mieux is only through salon sales and repeat purchases. 

      What are the benefits of natural beauty products?

      Chemical-filled skincare products not only harm your skin, but also the environment. Neelu uses only natural and organic products, and for decades has promoted a moral and sustainable approach to beauty. Neelu uses safe, effective, ethical and environmentally friendly beauty products that target your skin issues. 

      How important is the five-step beauty plan?

      After a consultation Neelu will develop a personalised, specialised beauty treatment plan, but it’s important that you have a foundational level of care already in place. Neelu recommends that everyone should follow the five-step beauty plan before embarking on extra treatments:

      • Cleansing
      • Toning
      • Exfoliation
      • Serum
      • Moisturising
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