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    Disposable Waxing v Spatula Waxing

    PHD Waxing –  Professional, Hygienic, Disposable waxing system is used at Neelu’s. No fear of cross contamination through waxing due to spatula re-dipping in the wax pot or not being able to sterilise the head of the roller waxing. The applicator is new for each client and disposed off after each use.

    The applicator has a gate mechanism to prevent the wax from re-entering the tube. The tube is held at a 45º angle in a booster chamber so there is no chance of any flow-back during treatment. It is the safest wax system eliminating the possibilities of cross-contamination (especially in areas prone to bleeding) between clients.

    • Full Leg



    • 3/4 Leg



    • 1/2 Leg



    • Basic Bikini Wax



    • Brazilian Bikini Wax



    • Extended Bikini Wax



    • Abdomen Wax



    • Under Arm Wax



    • Full Arm Wax



    • Full Back Wax



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