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    Skin care specialist


    The Collagen Wave Facials is really amazing. I have never had a facial before but I’ve always had Botox and Fillers but after reading about how good Facials are, I decided to give it a go. I booked an appointment at Neelus Salon. I Went in and had a detailed consultation with her and she recommended the Collagen Wave Facial for me. I was hoping for results but I have to say I was immediately blown away by it. It was that instantaneous. My skin was plumped up, softer, smoother and my very visible sunburnt cheeks was less visible. It is totally painless unlike the Botox and Fillers I used to get. The facial is so relaxing and calming. After my first visit to Neelus, I was hooked. I’ve been back several times and my face is really thanking me for it. I can’t praise the Facials enough. I just love them.

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