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    Lose inches with
    Muscle Toning and
    not water loss

    VIRTUAL GYM – the EFFORTLESS EXERCISE tech has arrived at Neelu’s Beauty Salon.

    The Virtual Gym will result in –

    •    Weight loss & body sculpting.
    •    Detoxification (increased health & reduced hunger.)
    •    Reduced cellulite
    •    Fitness & energy levels boosted
    •    Increased hormonal balance.
    •    Skin & Muscle toning.

    All with no effort on your part. The Virtual Gym does all the work.

    Virtual Gym machine induces an 8 second contraction of a large group of co-ordinated muscles.
    It is a very different process from other muscle stimulator’s multiple bursts of electrical current twitching uncoordinated, individual muscle.
    It is the only technology that burns visceral and subcutaneous fat as an energy source and thus allows muscle to build.
    It transmits the same messages as unstoppable strenuous exercise to the brain. The brain responds as it does during a physical workout by releasing thyroid and growth hormones. Hormones signal the fat cells to release their contents which are utilized as an energy source to build muscles. It detoxes, balances out hormones and reduces cellulite.
    This new technology is exclusive to Neelu’s Beauty Salon and has just arrived in Ireland.

    Neelu’s Beauty Salon,
    25 Liffey Street Upper, North City, Dublin 2, D01 T2R7
    Phone: (01) 280 6742 / (01) 878 8132






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