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    Lose inches with
    Muscle Toning and
    not water loss

    Ion Magnum

    Want to make getting in shape easy?

    Neelu uses Ion Magnum to tone muscle and so lose inches on a longer term basis. It’s hard to believe that you can lose fat and build muscle but it’s entirely possible thanks to the expertise and experience of Neelu. The Ion Magnum is an advanced fitness system that rapidly burns visceral fat and delivers the benefits of an intense, professional workout without the pain, physical exertion or inconvenience of conventional exercise.

    It is a device based on Nanotechnology and is used to deliver pure analogue multisine Waveform. It’s the only such machine in Ireland and has proven results in targeting specific areas based on an initial consultation and personal programme devised by Neelu.

    GERRY POLLOCK, co-inventor of the first cardiac pacemaker & Nobel Prize winning scientist developed this technology. Initially, this technology was used for the treatment of multiple sclerosis; it also showed extraordinary results on muscular development & cellulite reduction.

    It’s different from wrap and other machines that promise to lose weight as it is muscle toning based and not water loss based. Machines that help you lose retained water and fluid are a short term solution based on getting in shape for a particular event. Unlike machines which claim to help you lose weight through muscle stimulation, the Ion Magnum does not use electrical currents which twitch or jerk muscles. The waveforms used in pacemaker technology help to smoothly flex the heart muscles to get the heart to work normally. Using the same technology, Ion Magnum waveforms flex the muscles the same way they would flex during normal physical exercise.

    Neelu has a proven track record in the year since she started using the machine. Clients report inch loss and they retain that loss. Such is the scope and power of the machine that it can work on 16 different muscles. It’s also been used as a sports injury machine.

    There are some important and desirable differences between regular exercise and the exercise produced by the Ion Magnum. Muscles can burn both fat and glucose (sugar) for energy. As the body is pushed to exercise harder and cannot provide enough oxygen to burn fat (aerobic metabolism) the muscles begin to burn more and more glucose for energy (anaerobic metabolism) and less and less fat. When glucose is burned for energy it produces lactic acid. Lactic acid is a waste product or toxin that causes muscle to fatigue and ultimately fail. Lactic acid is that “burning” feel in muscles after intense exercise. The effortless manner in which the Ion Magnum exercises the muscles causes the body to use only fat cells for energy, without decreasing glucose levels. Thus we burn fat and avoid the build-up of acid in the blood stream and the sweating that can result in dehydration. The results of strenuous gym exercise can be obtained without raising body temperature or causing strain, soreness or exhaustion.

    Men, too, use the machine for
    weight loss and regaining shape.

    Get in shape with Neelu’s unique
    offering of therapeutic, sound advice.



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    • A course of 10 x 40 minute sessions


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