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    Remedial Treatments

    • Vein Wave:20 minutes …….Thermo-Coagulation for Red Veins (face & chest) €300
    • Removal of Skin Tags20 minutes ……. €175
    • Removal of Milia 20 minutes …….(white heads) €175

    Permanent Hair Reduction: There is no treatment available that will permanently stop the unwanted facial hair growth. It mostly is hormonal imbalance that causes Epil Pro is a sound wave treatment. It’s a unique and a superior alternative to conventional electrolysis. Truly non-invasive, pain free & needleless. Safe for people who have diabetics & epilepsy. Treats smooth moles. Slower regrowth. Much faster than electrolysis in results.

    It is not a permanent removal of facial hair. The hair will grow back but softer and lighter in colour over period of time. The gap in the regrowth gets bigger and bigger.

    • Upper Lip €35
    • Chin €47 Sides of Face €45
    • Neck €50
    • Chin & Neck €90
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