Disposable waxing

Spatula Waxing v Disposable Waxing

Professional hygienic disposable waxing system is used at Neelu’s because we care for you. No fear of cross infection through waxing due to spatula re-dipping in the wax pot or not being able to sterilise the head of the roller waxing. The applicator is new for each client and disposed of after each use. The applicator has a gate mechanism to prevent wax from
re-entering the tube. The tube is held at a 45 degree angle in a booster chamber so there is no chance of any flow back during treatment. It is the safest wax system eliminating the possibilities of cross-contamination (especially in areas prone to bleeding) between clients.

Beware of the Wax Pot!

How many people have been on the end of each waxing spatula?

How much of their blood, skin and serum will contaminate the continuously re-used wax pot?

How safe are you from cross-infection and contamination?

Full leg


3/4 leg


1/2 Leg


Thigh and Bikini


Bikini Wax


Full Arm Wax


Brazilian Bikini

Under Arm Wax


Abdomen Wax


If you have never waxed before a patch test 24 hours prior to the treatment is necessary.


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