Syneron E-lite Treatments

Syneron E-Lite is available with Neelu from Tuesday - Sunday only at Neelu @ Arnotts.

Skin Rejuvenation Treatment is another non invasive treatment Neelu offers to you. All year round the skin has to defend itself against external influences and is exposed to damaging light on a daily basis. With time, visible red thread veins, pigment marks, enlarged pores and fine lines damage the appearance of the skin. Radio frequency and laser therapy in the treatment process are a perfect mix of energies to achieve the best results. The signs of ageing skin are removed as fine lines fade and the deep skin penetration creates a more youthful appearance – without surgery, chemical substances or skin removal.

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For Vascular Regions
e.g both cheeks or a patch on the leg area

per session per area*

For Hyperpigmented Regions (e.g. both hands) 325 per session per area


Chest Rejuvenation

Neck Rejuvenation



350 per session

€300 per session


*(e.g.) both cheeks or a patch on the leg area




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Skin Refirme/Tightening & Wrinkle Reduction Treatments

The thermal effect of the state-of-the-art Elós technology makes your skin
look smooth and younger. Rejuvenate your appearance with wrinkle reduction and permanent fortification of facial contours. It works with radio frequency and infra-red energies in one treatment session. The
collagen fibres that are stimulated during treatment start rebuilding their structures by themselves in a natural manner. Small wrinkles are removed, deeper wrinkles are reduced visibly, and the texture of your skin becomes more and more smooth and elastic. After the
treatment skin looks rosy and fresh, and appears tighter. you will feel the result at once. Normally, you won’t need a downtime and can continue your business as usual.

Mouth area from           €275 per session

Eye area from               €275 per session

Neck area from             €275 per session

Upper Arms from          €375 per session

Stomach post
or after weight
loss from                       €400 per session

Chest & between
breast skin
tightening &
microdermabrasion       €550 per session

Full face skin
tightening & wrinkle
reduction from               €800 per session

6-8 sessions are recommended.


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For Permanent Hair Reduction

Yes – you can say farewell to unwanted hair growth with Elós. Dark, blonde, grey and even the finest downy hair can be removed.
Treatment uses radio frequency and laser therapy. Active cooling of the skin surface as well as constant measurement of the skin’s resistance ensures the utmost safety during treatment. Treatment is not painful.

Upper Lip                            €100 per sess.
Chin                                    €125 per sess.
Upper Lip & Chin                €200 per sess.
Neck                                   €200 per sess.
Neck & Jaw Line                 €275 per sess.
Full Arm                             €475 per sess.
Both Hands                         €175 per sess.
Both Feet                            €175 per sess.
Side Burns                          €185 per sess.
Bikini Line Basic                 €175 per sess.
Bikini Line Extended          €225 per sess.
Bikini Line Brazilian           €250 per sess.
Full Back                            €500 per sess.
Shoulders (both)               €350 per sess.
Full Chest                           €475 per sess.
Lower Legs (both) from     €475 per sess.
Full Legs from                    €900 per sess.
Nipples                               €175 per sess.
Chest (random areas)       €250 per sess.
Buttocks                             €300 per sess.
Abdomin from                    €225 per sess.
Neck & Jaw Line                 €275 per sess.
Cheek Bones                      €185 per sess.
Lip, Chin & Sides                €345 per sess.
Ear Lobes                           €125 per sess.
Eye Brows, Middle & Top   €155 per sess.

6-8 sessions recommended for dark coarse hair. For fair, fine hair double amount of sessions required.

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