Neelu Ireland Skin & Make-up Products

Neelu is evangelical about the services she provides and has recently developed a range of make-up products dedicated to enhancing the eyes, the perfect tools to highlight and prolong the effects of her threading treatment:

Neelu's Eyelash Primer        €30 

Smooths, Conditions and boosts your eyelashes. Simply apply before using mascara for instant volume, thickness and non-sticky look.

Neelu's Ultimate Volume Mascara  €30

Brings ultimate volume to your lashes and long-lasting beauty to your eyes. It is designed to open up the eyes and lengthen lashes without clumping. Catch the introductory offer including lash primer and mascara for just €45

Neelu's Eyebrow Enhancer     €30 

Colours, grooms and conditions the eyebrows instantly and is a great alternative to eyebrow tints. It is water resitant and sweat proof and is the simple way to groom and shade eyebrows adding just a hint of colour. It comes in three shades - Blonde, Brunette and Auburn and lasts up to six months.