Mineral Essence is the mineral cosmetics range that is free of talc, dyes, mineral oils, perfumes, parabenif and other ingredients found in other traditional lines. It will give beautiful results without disrupting healthy skin function. It incompasses the true essence of colours and the latest advances in science to give your skin instant and lasting results. It is the ultimate makeup that corrects, protects, colours and perfects your skin. It is safe and effective to use after laser, microdermabrasion, threading, skin peels etc. It does not irritate sensitive skin because unlike most mineral makeups, it does not have bismuth oxichloride. It has no greasy residue and is suitable for the most sensitive skin covering redness. It looks like powder yet seals like cream and is long lasting to wear giving full spectrum instant sun protection. It is water resistant, sweat proof. It corrects signs of roacea, hyperpigmentation, acne and ageing. It is formulated with anti microbial and anti oxident ingredients that work on the surface of the skin to correct, protect and perfect. ME is lightly pigmented makeup that gives full coverage and reflects light giving younger looking skin.

Come and try it, you will be amazed at the subtle difference it makes.

Make over for parties, weddings, debs and job interviews - €50