Brow Power Kit

Available in Neelu @ Arnotts beauty emporium and Neelu's in Dunlaoghaire.

It is impossible to overestimate the value of good shaped and groomed eyebrows, when properly defined, they can be an incredible beauty asset. Neelu White believes, ‘eyes are the temple of the soul and brows are the frame of that temple’, and has decided to share her expert knowledge of brow shaping by launching ‘Neelu’s Brow Power’.

Brow Power Kit                               €51
Includes all items listed below

Brow Quad (colour pallet)              €26
or you can purchase singular - blonde, brunette, red head, dark.

Set of 4 stencils                              €25

Tweezers                                        €25

Aloe Vera & Rose                            €25


Brow Power has five simple steps:

  1. Choose your stencil
  2. Pick brow colour, arch & shape that suits your brow, fill in the stencil shape with brow power using an angled brush
  3. Tweeze and trim brow hair outside the stencil area
  4. Soothe the skin with tweeze cream, to soothe and calm any redness
  5. Apply the brow wax upwards to condition and hold the shape of the brows

The Brow Power kit allows you to create beautifully even shaped eyebrows by following these few simple steps. The kit is available in four different shades to suit your colouring.

The Brow Power kit is available in Neelu's @ Arnotts of Henry Street.