Foot Massage

In a world where all we do is stand, run, walk and lift – our feet support us the entire way. While being stifled in shoes and socks
or stuck up in high heels at a slanted angle, is it any wonder that our feet become very tired and stiff. They have restricted circulation and air contact and are often neglected or overlooked.

Foot massage is one of the most unbelievably relaxing treats that you can give yourself or others. The ultimate study of foot massage is reflexology. Foot reflexology is ‘pressure therapy’ and involves applying focused pressure to certain known reflex points
located in the foot to cure or prevent disease. Out foot massage is not reflexology though some benefits of reflexology will happen
automatically simply by virtue of massaging the soles of the feet, however the main objective is to help tired feet feel better.

Foot Massage                      €40